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CASSANDRA was the first in her family to go to college. Growing up in a working-class neighborhood in the US Midwest, she worked hard, defied the odds, and got her masters in Journalism from Columbia University. Her friends have similar stories: the children of immigrants, DREAMers, and people with working or middle class families that could not afford the escalating tuition costs of educational institutions – people who relied on student loans in order to attend college and grad school – people who were assured that higher education was the path out of poverty, only to find themselves in huge amounts of debt with no guarantee of future employment. They are struggling as recent graduates in this economy. When a new administration takes power, student loan protections virtually disappear overnight turning Cassandra and her friends’ struggle into a nightmare. The new repayment programs are impossible and the penalties are horrifying. Cassandra and her friends take action. They put their higher education in political science, economics, mathematics, and journalism to the test and devise a method to expose and destroy the corrupt system that created the student loan crisis. As Cassandra prepares to articulate the plan to the masses, her friends start to show up dead. ESTEBAN drowns in the East River. JACKIE is crushed in a freight elevator. The authorities label them suicides or accidents, but she knows better. She remembers Esteban joking about “drowning in debt” and Jackie being “crushed by her loans”. The message is clear, but who is sending it? The closer they get to destroying the system and winning the battle for students everywhere, the closer they get to death. "No Forbearance" is a satirical horror film intended to scare the audience into paying attention while offering a practical solution to the student loan crisis we currently face in America.

Writer/Director - Miguel Silveira

Writer/Co-producer  - Missy Hernandez 

Producer - Michel Stolnicki



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