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Stranded Fish tells the story about the beginning of an improbable friendship. Peixe and Tiago live in the same neighborhood, share the same beach, surf the same waves, but are separated by social class. Their paths cross following a series of events surrounding a silver necklace that was once owned by Tiago and is now in Peixe possession. After a stand off they befriend each other and Peixe comes face to face with the consequences of his actions. 

Director - Michel Stolnicki


  • The Cannes Film Festival 2015 (France)

  • Miami Independent Film Festival 2015 (USA) 

  • NY International Shorts Fest 2015 (USA)

  • Winner of Silver Palm Award - Mexico International Film Festival 2015 (MEX) 

  • Winner of Best Student Film - Near Nazareth Film Festival 2015 (IL)

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